Far Horizons

Entering Parvaan

The party entered Parvaan and were met with Parvaani riders mounted on feathered velociraptors asking their business. They told the riders of Valen’s imprisonment, and the riders let them pass.


Parvaan is a strange land. It is covered in forests of towering, ancient redwoods. Elves live in hollowed out portions of the trees and travel between these parts by way of branches shaped with druidic magic.

On the forest floor, the party ran into Torik Gemfinder, a dwarf fishing in a small, perfectly circular, and unnaturally deep pond he called a “Fey kettle.” They talked for a while, and a wager was made to see if Bronn could hit a fish 15 feet deep with his bow. He did it, much to the amazement of Torik.

The party met with the Grandmaster of the Palaag Mor, an old elf wearing flowing red robes. They told him of Valen’s imprisonment, and asked him about Treylin. The Grandmaster revealed that she was once a member of the order of assassins, but she betrayed them to work for a dragon fifty years ago. She’s been nothing but trouble for the Parvaani ever since. The Grandmaster told the adventurers that they could find out more about the dragon from Mage Lord Malkur.

Bronn asked about joining the Palaag Mor. The Grandmaster told him that they only take the best, and all initiates must first complete a certain task…



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