Far Horizons

The Halloween Spooktacular

Or "The Night I Stopped Liking Pumpkin Pie"


The fugitive party trekked into the foothills of the Regnan Mountains, on their way to Parvaan. Bronn heard someone following them through the wooded hills. It was Ernest, who revealed that he had been trailing the party since they came to Rendall. He explained that his interests aligned with the parties’, and they allowed him to join the group.

In the evening, the group came across the town of Goatfell, and were welcomed by Venefica and the other townsfolk. They were celebrating their annual harvest festival, eating chicken and pumpkin pie and drinking apple cider (which Chi-Chan enjoyed a bit too much). The party accepted the town’s hospitality, when Venefica beckoned them to the “main ceremony.”

The party had come at just the right time to become a sacrifice for the god Kabak. The townsfolk turned on the party, Venefica weaved dark magic, and a scarecrow became a fearsome Avatar of Kabak. The fight was tough, but the adventurers won in the end.

The surviving townsfolk swore off the evil of Venefica, with a young woman stepping up to lead the town.



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