Far Horizons

The Story So Far

A summary of the first few sessions.

The player characters, along with Lance and Parro, were hired by Professor Hook on an expedition to Agaraman’s Tomb in the Regnan Mountains. A friendly airship pilot named Effson took them close to the tomb itself, but could go no further. They faced bandits, flying monkeys, carnivorous mountain apes, skeletons, a frost giant, The Tireless Archer, and goblins. The expedition recovered a large amount of gold, a magical bow called Piercing Rain, and a series of books called The Geschmach Cycle.

After returning to the city of Rendall, the party bought new equipment for themselves. Bronn and Whippal robbed the house of Espere, a local noble, that very same night.

Treylin got the whole party imprisoned for their crimes (and some others she framed them for). Treylin visited the party in prison and told them how easy they made it for her to get them arrested. She also told them she stole the Geschmach Cycle and Piercing Rain. Parro visited the party in prison and said he was very disappointed in their actions.

In prison, they met Valen Dreth, an assassin from Parvaan. He helped them escape on the condition that they would send word of his imprisonment to his organization, the Palaag Mor (or “Honorable Killers”). The party escaped, Bronn set fire to the guard station, and the party fled the city.



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