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  • Entering Parvaan

    The party entered [[Parvaan]] and were met with Parvaani riders mounted on feathered velociraptors asking their business. They told the riders of [[:valen-dreth | Valen]]'s imprisonment, and the riders let them pass. !(media-item-align-center)// …

  • A Treatise on Elves

    *A Treatise on Elves* is a study written by Herbert Erles. It discusses the varieties of elves in and around the Empire. Recently, copy of the book was stolen from the University of Kamma's library.

  • Elves

    *Elves* are an ancient and inherently magical race. They have long lifespans and long memories. Elves have an inherent connection to the magic of the world. It's in their nature, and magic can often be found in the wild places of the world. Thus, elves …

  • Parvaan

    *Parvaan* is a nation of high elves to the northeast, across the plains from Rendall. Famous for their ceramic weapons and armor. Parvaan is a strange land. It is covered in forests of towering, ancient redwoods. Elves live in hollowed out portions of …