Tag: Magic


  • Alabaster Fighting Chalice

    This small, white stone chalice is finely crafted. While held, any liquid inside will not spill, even if held upside down. You can drink normally, but can't spill. Obviously dwarven work. Currently owned by [[:whippal | Whippal the wizard]].

  • Sunlight Shield

    The Sunlight Shield reflects sunlight very brightly, but does not reflect any other kind of light. When there is no sunlight, it appears as a black shield-shaped void. It's being used by [[:sir-hawthorne | Sir Hawthorne]] right now.

  • Piercing Rain

    Piercing Rain was created long ago by a cabal of wizards allied with Warchief Agaraman. It was buried with him in his [[Tomb of Agaraman | tomb]] and was wielded by the Tireless Archer, a golem designed to protect the tomb. It was taken from the tomb …

  • Magpie's Shiny Ring

    This glittering silver ring makes anyone who sees it desire it fervently. Naturally, it is prone to being stolen. It's owned by [[:whippal | Whippal]], for now.