Tag: Natural Places


  • Regnan Mountains

    The *Regnan Mountains* are a rugged mountain range to the east of the city of [[Rendall]]. Its rocky slopes are covered in treacherous terrain and scraggly plants. The peaks are capped with snow, and Gwinbryg Peak is home to the [[Tomb of Agaraman]].

  • Drywood

    *Drywood* is a forest to the south of [[Rendall]]. It is abnormally dark in the forest, even during the day. Locals say it's inhabited by strange creatures that wander between the gnarled old trees. Rumor has it a mysterious magic user calls the forest …

  • Deltian Plains

    The *Deltian Plains* are vast fields of green that roll out into the horizon. The foothills of the [[Regnan Mountains]] lie to the east. The plains themselves are generally conceded to be the territory of tribal [[Centaurs]], with the [[Vandimon Empire …