Dwarves are short but proud folk. Most dwell in the underground realms, though some have ventured to the surface to explore and trade. Dwarves build, forge and construct. Their craftsmanship is famous for its unmatched quality. Dwarves often pass down grudges, debts, and friendships like family heirlooms.


Dwarves build, forge and construct. Their whole culture is about reshaping things as they see fit. Why would they be restricted to the “natural order” and “what the gods intended”? They make their own rules.

Dwarves have a sense of safety and security in enclosed, underground spaces as well as an inclination to stubbornly defend their homes and possessions. Hierarchy in dwarven society is based on “Dorfiness,” which is a combination of honor, commitment, skill at one’s trade, and the magnificence of one’s hair (including facial hair). The only ones who know exactly how much each of those ingredients “weighs” are dwarves.


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