Elves are an ancient and inherently magical race. They have long lifespans and long memories. Elves have an inherent connection to the magic of the world. It’s in their nature, and magic can often be found in the wild places of the world. Thus, elves are naturally drawn to those kinds of places. That isn’t to say there’s no magic in “civilized” areas. On the contrary, magic can be found even in cities. Thing is, in all the hustle and bustle, it can be a little hard to see the magic around you.

Elves come in three flavors.

High Elves

High elves are a kind of elf that have spent millennia to become “refined” in all aspects. High elves take the stereotypical form – with thin and lithe bodies and pointed ears. They are more “civilized” than the other elven races, and are more likely to live in cities. They also have a love for music and fine art.

Wild Elves

Wild elves live in the places of the world untouched by civilization and remain close to their fey origins. Members of other races often find them strange and off-putting, and prefer to avoid them. This suits the wild elves fine.

Wild elves vary (wildly) in appearance. All of them are humanoid in form, but their features are weird. They might have black sclera, shifting outlines that look like falling leaves, animalistic features like antlers or a tail, or plantlike features such as bark-like skin or flowers sprouting from their green hair.

Dark Elves

The dark elves inhabit the underground realms of the Underdark. They live in accordance with the teachings of their goddess, Lolth. Dark elven culture is about having the power to do what you want. They care for little for the other races, and have a bad reputation on the surface.


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