Far Horizons

Entering Parvaan

The party entered Parvaan and were met with Parvaani riders mounted on feathered velociraptors asking their business. They told the riders of Valen’s imprisonment, and the riders let them pass.


Parvaan is a strange land. It is covered in forests of towering, ancient redwoods. Elves live in hollowed out portions of the trees and travel between these parts by way of branches shaped with druidic magic.

On the forest floor, the party ran into Torik Gemfinder, a dwarf fishing in a small, perfectly circular, and unnaturally deep pond he called a “Fey kettle.” They talked for a while, and a wager was made to see if Bronn could hit a fish 15 feet deep with his bow. He did it, much to the amazement of Torik.

The party met with the Grandmaster of the Palaag Mor, an old elf wearing flowing red robes. They told him of Valen’s imprisonment, and asked him about Treylin. The Grandmaster revealed that she was once a member of the order of assassins, but she betrayed them to work for a dragon fifty years ago. She’s been nothing but trouble for the Parvaani ever since. The Grandmaster told the adventurers that they could find out more about the dragon from Mage Lord Malkur.

Bronn asked about joining the Palaag Mor. The Grandmaster told him that they only take the best, and all initiates must first complete a certain task…

Battle at Bladehenge
A Meeting of Adventurers

The party rested after the horrors of Goatfell’s harvest festival. The night before, Venefica had told them that centaurs are fond of apples. So in the morning, they gathered a bunch of apples into a basket and filled their canteens in the stream. The real journey was ahead of them, and they didn’t want to get on the centaurs’ bad side. Well, Bronn wanted to ride one, but that’s beside the point.

After a few days of travel, a large artificial landmark came into view. Our intrepid adventurers went to investigate and found Bladehenge. Waiting for them was Goru, Chi-Chan’s lifelong rival. They began a very animated sparring match with lots of banter in between attacks (“HAHA! You have to be ready for anything, Chi-Chan!”).


Meanwhile, the rest of the party mingled with the group traveling with Goru. Mera wanted the apples, and Bronn offered to give them all to her if she’d give him a ride around Bladehenge. Mera blushed, but accepted. Alfonz fixed Tolly’s shield, and it was revealed that he and Whippal were following the same prophecy. Ernest tried to hide by lying low, but Lil Eddy saw him and asked if he was eating grass.

When the monk fight was over, the parties headed their separate ways. Our intrepid adventurers traveled through the night, since they were close to Parvaan. They were confronted by wolves, but Bronn tried to persuade them not to attack. It wasn’t going well, when Chi-Chan spoke: “Do not bite the hand that feeds you, because it will not taste very good.” Bronn relayed this to the wolves, who left the adventurers alone, swayed by this Ancient Wisdom.

Traveling through the night, the party arrived at a place where the plains abruptly changed to a thick, old redwood forest. The edge of Parvaan.

The Halloween Spooktacular
Or "The Night I Stopped Liking Pumpkin Pie"


The fugitive party trekked into the foothills of the Regnan Mountains, on their way to Parvaan. Bronn heard someone following them through the wooded hills. It was Ernest, who revealed that he had been trailing the party since they came to Rendall. He explained that his interests aligned with the parties’, and they allowed him to join the group.

In the evening, the group came across the town of Goatfell, and were welcomed by Venefica and the other townsfolk. They were celebrating their annual harvest festival, eating chicken and pumpkin pie and drinking apple cider (which Chi-Chan enjoyed a bit too much). The party accepted the town’s hospitality, when Venefica beckoned them to the “main ceremony.”

The party had come at just the right time to become a sacrifice for the god Kabak. The townsfolk turned on the party, Venefica weaved dark magic, and a scarecrow became a fearsome Avatar of Kabak. The fight was tough, but the adventurers won in the end.

The surviving townsfolk swore off the evil of Venefica, with a young woman stepping up to lead the town.

The Story So Far
A summary of the first few sessions.

The player characters, along with Lance and Parro, were hired by Professor Hook on an expedition to Agaraman’s Tomb in the Regnan Mountains. A friendly airship pilot named Effson took them close to the tomb itself, but could go no further. They faced bandits, flying monkeys, carnivorous mountain apes, skeletons, a frost giant, The Tireless Archer, and goblins. The expedition recovered a large amount of gold, a magical bow called Piercing Rain, and a series of books called The Geschmach Cycle.

After returning to the city of Rendall, the party bought new equipment for themselves. Bronn and Whippal robbed the house of Espere, a local noble, that very same night.

Treylin got the whole party imprisoned for their crimes (and some others she framed them for). Treylin visited the party in prison and told them how easy they made it for her to get them arrested. She also told them she stole the Geschmach Cycle and Piercing Rain. Parro visited the party in prison and said he was very disappointed in their actions.

In prison, they met Valen Dreth, an assassin from Parvaan. He helped them escape on the condition that they would send word of his imprisonment to his organization, the Palaag Mor (or “Honorable Killers”). The party escaped, Bronn set fire to the guard station, and the party fled the city.


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